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I would personally like to thank you for taking the time to explore becoming a member of our club.  In 2009, I designed the concept of our club, to help get things moving in the "right direction" for General Aviation.  However, I really had no idea how things where going in such a "wrong direction" for General Aviation in the State of New Jersey, as well as in many other areas throughout the United States of America.  Despite numerous set backs from this "wrong direction", by 2015, we where finally able to get through the set backs to open our doors.  By 2016, our efforts in the "right direction" accomplished acquiring 30 monthly contributing members, established a list of 371 supporters from the local community that randomly attend our facilities events, aided in the establishment of 5 additional first time aircraft owners, aided in 2 additional aircraft owners relocating to the South Jersey Regional Airport, brought 40 aircraft renters to the airport, aided in the guidance of 4 individuals to the Airlines to become pilots and aided in the guidance of 4 individuals to the Armed Services to become Pilots.  These efforts substantially helped to increase the traffic & usage of the South Jersey Regional Airport, and even helped in conjunction with the Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol, for 25 young individuals to be able to achieve their Aviation Merit Badges through our facility.

 I am beyond grateful to all of our members and supporters who helped us since 2009 and whether you may be a Future, Current or Retired Aviator, an Aviation Enthusiast or even someone who would like to become apart of a group of open-minded business leaders, then I would personally like to welcome you to our club.  Everyone is welcome to come explore our establishment though I do ask, please call or text in advance to 1-856-495-6919, as we volunteer at the facility and as a result can not always be there.  If you would like to be added to our events list to receive invitations to our larger events via text, I welcome you do so at no charge through our supporter enrollment form below.  If you would like to become a member of our facility, we have two levels of membership that you can choose from.  A Social Membership ($30 per month) and a Discount Usage Member ($50 per month) which are discussed in greater detail below.  You can enroll as a member through our member enrollment form below, by phone or in person at our facility.  Also, if you are a current active member of the Armed Services, we as a group have provided an avenue for you to receive an additional 10% discount on the usage of the clubs aircraft.   Again, whether you ask to be added to our larger events list, pass the word along to someone you know who is interested in aviation or if you choose to become a member, I have to say that that I really appreciate the support, and look forward to meeting you!!!!

Michael J. Sciarra

Social Member Benefits: ($30.00 per month)

Our facility is open primary to visitors from 9 am to 9 pm when events are not being conducted.  Inside the facility there is a coffee bistro, meeting/presentation room, desk work space, pool table & dartboard, fitness equipment & showers, out door bistro terrace and a picnic area with park grills.  Social members receive the following benefits.

- Access to utilize the Clubs Aircraft

- The ability to instruct in the Clubs Aircraft

-  Access to the Independent Certified Flight Instructors of our club for Flight Instruction and Recurrent Training.  

- Priority Invites to our Large Events and access to our Member Only Small Sit Down Events

- Access and use to personally use our entire facility and its equipment

- The ability to partake in a BYOB setting in the evenings with other members

- If you are a coffee lover, then you can receive 1 bag per month, by mail, of our coffee which is freshly roasted in our Coffee Bistro <or> you can choose to gift your coffee to the facility to help support our facilities operations  

- Social Members receive priority in schedule to conduct an event 

Discount Usage Membership:
($50.00 per month)

In addition to receiving all of the Social Member benefits, members who plan on conducting frequent usage of the clubs facilities for larger events or frequent usage of the Clubs aircraft will receive a 10% discount off of the facility usage fees or aircraft usage fees.  

Enrollment Forms:

Below are the Supporter Enrollment Form and the Membership Enrollment Form.  If you like, you are also more then welcome to stop in to visit at our facility or give us a call at 1-856-495-6919.  

Supporter Enrollment Form:

      Please fill out this form if you would like to be added to our Large Events phone text invitation list.

First and Last Name:
Cell Phone Number:
If you like, tell us about yourself! :-) 

Membership Enrollment Form:

      Please note that by submitting this form, you agree to your credit card being charged once a month, sometime around the first of each month, for the monthly amount chosen below.  Again, we really appreciate your support!!!!  :-)

Membership Type:
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Aviators Choice Monthly Coffee Delivery :
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Some Short Flying Videos Taken from our Aircraft:

Please, we recommend to lower your sound volume, as airplanes are a bit loud without an Aviation Headset!!! :-) 

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