Flight Fitness

Flight Fitness:

Welcome to Flight Fitness, a small, simple and very personal fitness center located within Tailspinners.  Flight Fitness is open to our members.  Flight fitness is structured where the use of the facility is scheduled as an appointment for its members to have exclusive use of the facility privately for their appointment.  Members are allowed to bring a guest or trainer for their private session.  


Flight Fitness Equipment & Facilities: 

The Flight Fitness facility is very simple and is comprised of a Smith Machine, Free Weight & Adjustable Bench, Treadmill, Speed Bag, Heavy Bag, Infrared Sauna and Showers. 

Flight Fitness Facility Appointment Request Form:

The following form can be used to schedule your appointment for the use of the Flight Fitness Facility.  If your request is within 48 hours of your desired appointment, please contact us at 1-856-495-6919.  

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Method of Contact: Call or Text:
Date: (dd/mm)
Time: (00:00 am or pm):
Special Notes, Comments and/or Requests:
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