Aviator's Choice Coffee Bistro

Welcome to the Aviator's Choice Coffee Bistro at Tailspinners, the home and center of the manufacturing of Aviator's Choice Coffee.   


The Aviators Choice Coffee Brand:  

Green Coffee bean from origins such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Tanzania, Nicaragua, India, Columbia, Hawaii, Jamaica and the Galapagos Islands make there way into our facility to be freshly roasted throughout the week.  Through small batch roasting we carefully pinpoint two specific roasting profiles which are unique to our brand.  It is through careful detail with small batch roasting that we are able to produce a high quality premium coffee with a noticeably enhanced flavor and aroma that sets the bar for how coffee should really taste.  As such, Aviator's Choice Coffee is a very hands on product roasted in limited quantities.  Our coffee is 100% unblended from its labeled origin and freshly air roasted in our facility.  It is important to note, unlike brands that claim an affiliation to aviation, Aviator's Choice Coffee was developed by an Aviator, critique by many Aviators throughout its development, is produced at an Airfield and directly supports Tailspinner's efforts towards aviation.  We invite you to purchase our Aviator's Choice Coffee in person from our facility or through mail order online by clinking the following link to the Tailspinners Online Store. http://onlinestore.tailspinners.us/t/coffee


The Aviator's Choice Coffee Bistro:  

The Aviators Choice Coffee Bistro offers private secluded areas for our members and invited guests to sit and converse, quietly study or work online while enjoying a coffee beverage or tea.  We offer a free wifi internet connection to our patrons.  There is also an outside seating area consisting of both bistro tables and picnic tables which offer a spectacular view of the airfield.  Inside the Bistro, there is a pool table and dart board along with some simple board games to sit and enjoy.  Throughout the day we roast coffee based upon demand, depending on the daily work load our Barista may be available to discus the coffee roasting process and may even be available to provide the opportunity to custom roast a batch of coffee yourself.   


Sunsets at the Bistro:  

In the evening as the sunsets, the location of the bistro in respect to the airfield provides a spectacular view of the horizon.  Our terrance and picnic areas offer a great location to watch Mother Nature's Fireworks in action.  

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