Aircraft Rental

Aircraft Usage:  

Tailspinners manages a multitude of aircraft which are available for usage.  Rates are based upon an hourly hobbs reading which includes Fuel and Oil (I.E. "Wet").  Scheduling a rental appointment is simple and can be accomplished through the online form below or by contacting us direct at 1-856-495-6919. 


Usage of our aircraft is kept fairly simple.  Pilots are required to complete a simple check ride with an instructor.  A check ride appointment can be scheduled through the online form below or by contacting us at 1-856-495-6919.  In addition, Pilots must also provide their License, Medical, Drivers License and Proof of US Citizenship.  Non-US Citizens must show proof of compliance of all FAA and TSA requirements.

Insurance Policy:

Pilots are required to cary their own insurance when utilizing our aircraft.  Each aircraft requires a specific Physical Damage Limit.  Please see below for each aircraft's physical damage requirement.  A Renter's Insurance Policy can be purchased through a multitude of providers.  However, we can recommend the Wings Insurance Agency to purchase a Renters Policy.  The Wings Insurance Agency can be contacted at 1-609-261-0800 Monday through Friday.  

Available Aircraft:


Cessna 152

Rate:  $95.00 per hour (hobbs wet)

Insurance Requirements:  $20,000 Physical Damage

Notes:  This Aircraft is now IFR equipped with a Garmen 430 WAAS GPS


Cessna 172

Rate: $120.00 per hour (hobbs wet)

Insurance Requirements:
 $30,000 Physical Damage


Piper Arrow

$147.00 per hour (tach converted to hobbs wet)

Insurance Requirements:  
$60,000 Physical Damage


Beechcraft Baron

Rate:  $547.56 per hour (hobbs wet)

Requirements:  $1,000,000.00 Liability and $100,000.00 Physical Damage

Notes:  This aircraft is equipped with Larger Engines and Propellers through an STC Conversion.  Pilot must possess a Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine and CFII qualifications along with 100 hours in type.  

Online Aircraft Usage Appointment Scheduling Request Form:

The following form can be used as an online request for scheduling a usage appointment of our aircraft.  This form can also be used to request for the scheduling of a check ride appointment with a Tailspinner's approved instructor.  Upon submission, we will contact you to confirm the requested appointment date & time.  If you are within two days of a proposed appointment, we recommend contacting us directly at 1-856-495-6919

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